Rules & Calendar of Events (Preliminary)

Tournament Director – all correspondence to:

The Great Pub Fishing Competition, PO Box 107 Hamilton NSW 2303


Ph: 0402 439 310

Tournament Officials:

Dom Grundy – Event Director

Tony Poole – Fishing Convenor

Tournament Base:

The Station – The Locker Room @ the Station, cnr Watt and Scott Streets Newcastle NSW 2300

Entry, Angler & Fish Eligibility:

  • Entry is open to members of the public over 18 years of age at tournament time agreeing to be bound by the Tournament Rules and is restricted to members of a pub or club social fishing club.
  • Only fish caught by entered eligible anglers will be eligible for points and prizes.
  • To be eligible for points, an Angler must hook, strike, fight, and bring the fish to be netted without assistance including anyone else touching the rod or reel.
  • Fishing is allowed from legally publicly accessible foreshores and vessels.
  • The fish must be caught during tournament time and within tournament boundaries.

Entry Fees 2022:

  • $85 per Angler
  • This fee may include food and refreshments as may be provided by the organisers.
  • Online entries accepted up until 1700hrs Monday 7th February 2022.
  • A late-entry fee may be charged for entries received after these dates. The late entry fee is $170 per Angler


Anglers will have the opportunity to amass points as per the rules for Pub Team Prizes by registering their Team as part of the entry process. Teams will have a maximum of 4 members per Team. Each Pub or Club may have any number of teams.


3rd Party Property insurance at a minimum is required for all competing vessels. Policy proof is required. Valid and current Policy details must be provided as part of each entry. Club Marine is our preferred insurer.

Angler Identity:

  • Angler ID cards (to be collected at registration) must be presented to any Tournament Official on request and prior to any fish weigh in or prize claim or for any other claim such as food or refreshments as may be provided.
  • Anglers must be present and produce their own Angler ID card to be eligible for any Lucky Draw Prizes.
  • Secondary proof of ID may be requested for any prize collections.


  • All Anglers must comply with the relevant NSW Maritime safety regulations current at Tournament time.
    Details at All shore-based anglers must also comply with any statutory rules.
  • Boat and crew safety is the responsibility of the skipper of the vessel.
  • The decision to enter, compete, and fish is the decision of the competitors.
  • Fishing may be cancelled at any time at the Organiser’s discretion.

Fishing Area & Marine Parks:

  • Boats must be launched and retrieved or moored within Newcastle Harbour.
  • The fishing boundary is within a 15km radius from Tournament Base. Fish caught outside these boundaries are not eligible. A map is available at
  • Marine Park boundaries and usage regulations must be obeyed. Details at

Fishing Licenses:

Anglers must hold relevant and current fishing licenses, permits, etc as may be required by NSW Laws. Details at

NSW Fisheries Laws.

All anglers must abide by current NSW Fisheries Laws. Please visit for the latest statutory species and bag limits.


Prior to starting fishing, intending entrants MUST check & register their attendance at the Official Tent at Tournament Base. Prepaid Tournament T-shirts and Caps will be available at Registration.

2022 Official Tournament Calendar:

Friday 11th February
1600-2000RegistrationThe Locker Room @ The Station
1800-2000Catering and entertainmentFriday Night Feast
1900Lucky Draw
Saturday 12th February
1800-2000CateringThe Locker Room @ The Station
1900Presentation & Lucky Draws
Sunday 13th February
1300-1500CateringThe Locker Room @ The Station
1500Presentation & Lucky Draws

Point Scoring & Species:

Individual & team prizes will be awarded to the Anglers who over the Tournament registers the largest of the following eligible species:

Bream | Flathead | Mulloway | Tailor | Yellowtail | Kingfish | Whiting

Species may be added or deleted at the Organisers’ discretion.

Only the top 3 fish in each species are eligible for points.

Competitors will be advised of any changes at the Briefing & Registration.

Entering fish:

Anglers will be provided a brag mat in their Entry Kit.

Anglers must upload a time and date stamped photo that clearly shows the complete fish length upon the provided brag mat accurately positioned on the brag mat as per example at

These photos need to be uploaded to

Champion Angler & Species Prizes:

Titles will be awarded to the Anglers who over the Tournament amass the most points counted as follows:

1st of a species: 5 points

2nd of a species: 3 points

3rd of a species: 1 point

In the event of a tie, the winner will be the first person or boat to reach the winning points.

Champion Pub Teams

Titles & prizes will be awarded to the registered Teams that amass the most eligible points as detailed for Champion Angler above. Only the top 3 fish in each species will be awarded points for “Champion Team”.

Failure to abide by any of the Tournament Rules may result in disqualification from the Tournament at the Officials discretion. These Rules may be modified at any time up to Angler Registration opening at the discretion of the Organisers. Final Rules will be provided to Anglers when registering prior to the tournament commencing.