The XXXX story dates back to 1878 when two brothers, Nicholas and Edward Fitzgerald, set out to create the finest ales known to man. After starting out in Castlemaine Victoria, they headed north to Brisbane and bought an old distillery. And so, Castlemaine Perkins was born, known today as the home of XXXX.

No matter which Aussie favourite you’re after, there’s a XXXX with your name on it – GOLD, Dry, Bitter or Summer Bright.

First released in 1991, GOLD is the country’s best-selling beer. It gets its signature taste by using golden cluster hops, and this Australian lager has a balanced, smooth flavour and body, complemented by mild bitterness and a trace of sweetness.

Summer Bright will taste delicious in February. A full-strength, low-carb Australian lager, it receives superior bright filtration to get its full flavour and is renowned for its refreshing taste and smooth hop character.

Bitter is a 4.4% pale lager while Dry is an easy drinking full strength (4.2%) lager.